bushy eyebrows: are they attractive? how to trim them?

Bushy eyebrows can be a serious problem and need to be addressed promptly. With the help of cosmetic products, you can get to remove those unwanted eyebrows with ease. The process is quite easy and requires no special skills or tools. Just follow the given steps carefully and see your difference!

What You Will Need In This Process?

  • Makeup Remover
  • A razor blade for exfoliating the skin
  • Hair Dye
  • Blonde hair dye if you have darker lashes; or else you will need blonde eyelash glue (Eyelash glue works well)

To keep your eyebrows safe from further damage it’s important that you select the right makeup remover to use in this process. There are different types of Make Up Removers available in the market today which can make the selection more confusing for you. It is very essential that you know the features and functions of each type of Make Up Remover so that you could choose the ideal one for the task at hand. Here I am going to give you some information regarding the most popular types of Make Up Removing Products. Read on to find out more about these useful items!

1 – Make up removing wipes:

These are the best type of Make Up Removing Product especially made for this job. Wipes are usually made of cotton gauze which when applied over the entire brow area leaves the brow hairs smooth. So, while you would still have eyebrow hair left after using these wipes, it’s much softer than the original brow hair due to the moisture found inside the wipes.

2 – Make Up Removing Gel:

As its name suggests, the gel is used to cleanse off any leftover makeup after you have finished making your face. It also gets rid of dirt from around the eyes. Most commonly seen as a cleansing eye pad the gel consists of alcohol, butters, oils, and other ingredients. In order to work, the product must first be heated before applying onto the area where you want to clean it. Then, it is massaged gently until it cools down completely. Once cooled, the excess product should be removed by blotting the face with tissue paper. Note: Be careful not to apply too much gel. If there is too much, then it might end up burning the skin and cause allergic reactions. Also, don’t use warm water to rinse the gel off. Instead, wipe away all the product with a damp cloth.

3 – Makeup Remover Pads:

The pads are designed to be placed under your eyes while you sleep, making them easier to remove during the morning. When compared to other methods of makeup removal, this method takes less time and does not harm the skin like scrubbing and peeling. All you do is place the pad under your eyes and press lightly with the edge of your fingers. Within 15 minutes to half hour, depending upon the type of makeup you have used; your makeup will disappear.

4 – Make Up Removing Cream:

The cream is similar to the mascara remover. Cream is thicker and harder to remove than the liquid form of it. However, it is often preferred because it’s easier to control when cleaning the edges of your eyes than a liquid formula.

5 – Makeup Removing Shampoo/Conditioner:

This contains surfactant, lather, and may contain soap or detergent as well as proteins such as enzymes, peptides, or amino acids. As it cleanses the roots of the hair, this shampoo helps prevent split ends. It works best if you use it regularly, since it gets rid of buildup on the scalp.

6 – Makeup Removing Powder / Make-up Removing Dusting Compound:

This is an effective way to get rid of stubborn makeup. You simply dust the powder over your face using a puff or a duster brush. It absorbs instantly into the pores of your skin and removes even the toughest products in just seconds.

how to make them look great?

If so, then you can use one of various ways to keep your eyebrows looking full, shapely and shiny. Let’s take a look at some quick tips that can help you achieve beautiful thick eyebrows.

Try using a pencil sharpener to draw lines on your brows every 3 weeks. This makes sure that your brows stay in shape and do not become thin or fall out.

Use an eyebrow liner to draw straight lines on your top arch and the middle of your bottom arch. This will give your eyebrow a more defined appearance.

To create volume, try tweezing your brows or drawing short vertical strokes going side to side.

For those who prefer softer looks, try plucking the inner part of your brows to bring out their natural beauty.

how trim them?

It’s important to remember that a trim is not the same thing as shaving your eyebrows off altogether. It’s actually just cutting them shorter and giving them a “tidier” look. By trimming them properly, you’ll ensure the maintenance of healthy, fuller looking brows for years to come.

Trimming Your Eyebrows Properly

You need to be able to see the hairs on your upper eyelashes, which is why it’s essential to trim them at least once a month. Remember though, you shouldn’t go overboard either! Don’t pull out the entire length of your upper lashes. Instead, cut them back about two thirds of the way.

How To Get Thick And Shapely Eyebrows In One Simple Trick Just by following these simple steps, your eyebrows will soon have regained their former glory. They won’t even look too unnatural anymore.

1 Put on mascara (if needed).

2 Use a 2 round brush to apply concealer below your eyes.

3 Brush through your eyebrows with a clean mascara wand.

4 Fill in any gaps of color with a darker shade of concealer.

5 Apply eye shadow from above your eyebrows towards the center of your forehead. Try also applying colored eyeliner near the outer corners of your eyes. For instance, add black around the inside corner of each eye, or add red around the outside corner of your lower left eye.

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