How To Cancel Fashion Nova Order?

When you receive an order for a product, it\’s important to cancel before processing. If there are problems with your purchase then this will help save money and time in correcting any issues that may arise from not canceling on-time.

One of the most common mistakes people make is not checking their order confirmation email or forgetting that they ordered from Fashion Nova! If this sounds like you, don\’t worry – we\’re here to provide you with some helpful tips on canceling orders from Fashion Nova quickly and easily.

What Is Fashion Nova?

Fashion Nova is a fashion retailer that specializes in trendy clothing and accessories at affordable prices. Their huge variety of products includes jeans, dresses, shirts, jackets & coats, shoes & boots, and more! They even offer plus-sizes for women who want to look their best while staying comfortable.

How Can You Order From Fashion Nova?

Fashion Nova has a variety of ways for you to place orders with them. You can order online, through their app, or over the phone. They also offer in-store pick-up for customers who want to avoid shipping charges.

Terms And Condition Of Returning Items To Fashion Nova?

Fashion Nova has a 100% refund policy if you return your item with its original tags and labels attached. You have to ship it out within 14 days from the delivery date, or they may refuse it.

How To Cancel An Order?

If you find that you need to cancel an order, here is what you should do:

If placing an order through the website or app, you must contact them immediately by email or call them. While chatting online, include all relevant information like who placed the order and for what size/color, etc. The customer service representatives input will be canceling your order and they\’ll use this information to determine what kind of refund or store credit you\’re offered..

If you do not receive any response within 48 hours, call them directly on the phone and ask for their cancellation department. They have been known sometimes to offer more options when speaking with someone live, so this may increase your chances of receiving a full or partial % refund depending on why you need to cancel it in the first place.

Already Received your Order

If you have already received your order, you will need to return it following the instructions on the packing slip.  

If you have not yet received your order, you can refuse the shipment or contact Fashion Nova and request that they cancel it for you.

There\’s no need to worry about fees or penalties when you use our service! Place your order now and we\’ll take care of everything, including the waiting period. Your card will be charged as soon as possible so there is never an issue with getting a quick cancellation in return for its convenience!

Fashion Nova’s Policy

Fashion Nova\’s cancellation policy is pretty clear-cut. However, there are still a few ways to cancel an order.

If you\’ve changed your mind after placing your order, contact Fashion Nova customer service as soon as possible, and they will be happy to help.

Suppose you received a shipping notification for your order but decided you no longer want it. In that case, you can refuse shipment by emailing them with the subject line \”Refused Shipment\” and remember to have a tracking number ready. Remember that refusing shipments means being responsible for return shipping costs so make sure this will be something you\’re prepared do before declining any packages!

Cancellation Process

  • Log in to your Fashion Nova account and go to the \”My Orders\” tab
  • If you don\’t have an account, you can create one on their website.
  • You can cancel any order by logging into your account and finding the correct cancellation request..
  • Now select the reason for canceling your order and click \”Submit Cancellation Request.\”
  • If at any time, the product is no longer needed or desired please return it in its original condition within 10 days of receiving word that this has happened so we can refund 100% your money!.
  • Keep reading if you need to return or exchange something from your Fashion Nova order. If not, feel free to move on to the next section!

Exchange Process

  • Not everything you order will fit perfectly, which is why Fashion Nova offers exchanges for a different size or color. Here\’s how it works:
  • Go to the \”My Orders\” tab and find the order from which you want to exchange items. Click \”View Order Details\” and select the item(s) you want to exchange.
  • Enter the size and color you would like to exchange for, as well as your shipping information.


 We would like to conclude our topic by saying that you can cancel your fashion nova order by following a few simple steps we have explained above. It is very easy to do once your know-how.

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