What is the Best Way to Quit Smoking?

Smoking is injurious to human health. Most people think that smoking causes lung cancer, but they do not know that it leads to many other severe diseases.

Whether you smoke a cigarette to overcome stressful situations or overcome your nicotine craving, smoking by all its means is just not good for you. Quitting smoking is hard but not impossible.

Throwing away cigarettes might seem easy for you, but it is hard for people who regularly smoke. If you have not smoked in your life, it would be easy for you to assume that quit smoking is just a matter of self-determination, and anyone can quit smoking effortlessly. Somehow, this is not true.

To quit cigarettes requires a lot of hard work and self-esteem. Sometimes a person needs counseling from their friends or family to break their smoking habit. Quitting smoking is not an easy task for the smokers , so if you see anyone try to support them in leaving their habitat.

If you are thinking of quitting smoking, you should surround yourself with the people who will help you throughout your journey and not leave you alone in the middle of your journey.

Going \”Cold Turkey\” Might be Effective For you.

Going \”cold turkey\” is a term that is used to describe a person who abruptly tries to quit smoking rather than gradually trapping it off. This method is extremely helpful for someone who wants to quit smoking instantly.

Smoking cessation techniques vary from person to person. For some people, it is easy to quit smoking in a short time, while for others, it is extremely hard to quit smoking instantly.

Most people find it convenient to quit smoking through the \”cold turkey\” method. It is because instantly cutting down smoking habits is easier than doing it gradually.

A study in 2016 has shown that 700 people who were addicted to tobacco were given the opportunity to either gradually quit smoking or do it abruptly. Both groups were provided with counseling support, nicotine patches, and other short-acting nicotine replacements.

And the ending results were amazing. A group assigned with the going \”cold turkey\” method was seen more successful at quitting than the other group. The quitting ratio was[ 49%(going \”cold turkey) vs 39% (other)].

Surround Yourself With the Positive Bunch of People.

Well, there is a phrase that goes, \”A man is known by the company he keeps\”. Make sure that you are not surrounded by bad groups of people. Avoid people who discourage you and constantly pinch you to adopt bad habits.

Most people smoke because they think it reduces their anxiety and provides them with peace of mind. However, some people start smoking because of their friends or because they just want to appear \”cool\” in front of their squad.

Whether to smoke to cope with your circumstance or look cool is just not a good thing. Smoking not only causes you cancer, but it also decreases your lifespan and makes you less productive.

Make sure that you are surrounded by good people. People that can help you to quit smoking. And do not surround yourself with people who de-motivate you or bring you closer to bad smoking habits. Support from the right people could help you a lot.

Nicotine Replacement therapy.

One of the biggest reasons a person couldn\’t easily quit smoking is the addictiveness of nicotine. Though nicotine is not that bad for health, it\’s tobacco that causes the real problem. People who are addicted to tobacco find it hard to permanently quit smoking.

Medication treatment would work best for someone who wants to quit smoking. Medication and counselling would be highly beneficial for anyone determined to quit smoking.

To overcome your nicotine craving, you should go for NRT. Nicotine Replacement Therapy is a kind of medication that can help you with your nicotine cravings. The therapy provides you with a low level of nicotine without the poisonous chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

Varenicline and Bupropion are the two medicines that can help people quit smoking. Moreover, you can buy NRT from your nearest pharmacy according to your doctor\’s prescription. The NRT is available as chewing gum, skin patches, nasal and mouth spray, tablets, and oral strips.

Counselling and Meditation.

It has been seen that people who are going through mental illness tend to smoke a lot. Reportedly, people who have anxiety issues smoke more cigarettes. Though the addictiveness of tobacco is one of the leading causes of smoking, for most people, it goes beyond that.

Various studies have shown that meditation helps people quit smoking by providing tranquillity to their minds. In addition to that, meditation can help you control your nerves and help you deal with complex situations more efficiently.

Switching to Vapes. 

Vapes are considered one of the best alternatives to cigarettes. E-cigarettes or vapes are deemed to be less harmful than cigarettes. Vapes are battery-powered devices that contain ingredients such as nicotine, flavourings, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.

E-cigarettes do not burn tobacco and produce harmful chemicals such as tar and carbon monoxide, making them less toxic and more effective than cigarettes.

Various kinds of vapes are available in the market such as Elf bar and Geek bar disposable including rechargeable ones. Both have their own advantages. However, a rechargeable vape with a refillable tank delivers nicotine more efficiently than a disposable one. In addition to this, rechargeable vapes help you quit smoking more conveniently.

The ingredients that are found in the manufacturing of e-juices are not toxic. Moreover, without e-juices, vapes are useless.

E-juices come with different nicotine levels. With the help of nicotine levels, it would be easy for you to overcome your cravings.

There are several flavours to choose from. However, Dinner E-LiquidandIVG E-liquids stand out differently because of their quality and cost.


Vapes do not involve the combustion of tobacco, which makes them less harmful. Though several other methods can help you quit smoking, vapes are considered one of the most effective methods amongst all.