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Recently, we have begun accepting guest blogs. This page is for writers who want to write for us. Our team is made up of passionate writers who have decades of experience in each category. We are always looking for quality blog articles. Let’s talk if you are a professional writer who has been writing in a particular niche.


There are many categories that we accept guest posts in, so you can choose the one you want to write for. This is a complete list with all categories that we accept guest posts. We will consider your suggestions and create a new category if necessary.

  • “Write for us” + Fashion
  • “Submit guest post” + Fashion
  • Self-improvement

Quality Requirements

We don’t want you to sacrifice the quality of your product for quantity. The guidelines have been created accordingly.

  • Your content should be at least 800 words long and contain sufficient details. We’d love to share a long piece of content that exceeds 1,000 words. The more information you provide, the longer your post will be.
  • It is important that the content be written in English, since our readers will prefer it.
  • Plagiarism-free content is highly sought after. Don’t send the copied content. It will be noticed by our editors immediately. It is not something that anyone enjoys reading.
  • Make sure your article is easy to understand and entertaining. We want the reader to stay with us until our final article.
  • Next comes structuring. Next, structure the content with bullet points and subheadings. Structured content is easy to read and navigate, even if the reader prefers scrolling down.

Policy and Requirements:

By introducing link-requirement policy, we are taking the safer route. It is important to avoid spam content as it could damage the credibility of your site. These guidelines are recommended:

  • To make your information easily accessible, you should include at least one internal link in your blog content.
  • You can include links in the article that will improve the article. You don’t have to link to another website. All you have to do is make sure it’s an excellent site.
  • Articles that include linked links from guest authors are not accepted. We will remove or alter any article that we find.
  • One link can be placed that takes users to your website’s content.
  • We have created a blog that has an Author Bio. Please include your name, picture, and a description. You’ll be able to claim the credibility of your post by doing this.
  • The comment section of the blog does not work!

Requirement for Post Image

Although we don’t ask you to upload images, you can attach them to your blog. Images must be at least 800×800 pixels in size

We also accept videos with blogs. It is possible to embed hyperlinks in your videos. Don’t be shy to share your amazing styling video with us.

Make sure you have permission to download the image from the platform.

Submit a Guest Blog Now

If you are ready with your article, we encourage you to submit your article to our blog. There are two methods to submit guest blog post to us. 1) Reach out to us via our email address. 2) Fill out the following contact form and attach your article file to the message.